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FORUM is a Private School on the outskirts of Nicosia. Offering secondary education for children aged 11-18, the school combines the state curriculum alongside A`Levels, preparing its graduates for further education within Cyprus, the UK or other European countries. The School is a 6 year duration, eliminating the need for further private tuition, through an intensive and personalised mechanism of academic support.


Characterised by exceptional academic results and an outstanding team of dedicated teachers, the school focuses on developing all rounded `citizens` with a host of extra curricula programmes in place.


From September 2015, the school will operate two new concepts.


The School of Excellence, a innovative programme applied for the first time in Cyprus,  will stream pupils in core subjects in order to maximise their potential talents through customised curriculum programmes.


The Athletic School, which will take budding athletes and hone their skills, through a dedicated professional training programme, which as well as sports on a daily basis, will include sports techniques and strategy, nutritional and psychological basics.



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